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Forests for People


Sri Lanka

Who, where and what is FfP

Forests for People (FfP) is a Voluntary Service Organization (VSO) based in the Southern dry zone of Sri Lanka. This web site is part of the Forests for People interactive network programme run by Forests for People, designed to share information about improving community water resource protection, community forestry activity, community health care and to promote and discuss initiatives of its members.

Active cooperation for development in sri lanka

Our mission is to do for the poor what they can not do for themselves and to give programme support that enables them achieve secure, self-supporting and sustainable livelihoods. Through the programme, FfP has enabled hundreds of families to use their natural resources and their own resourcefulness to develop long-term food security and safe drinking water supplies and to create opportunities for income generation.

Your gift of any size can make a significant impact on many lives! we appreciate any help or support you can provide. Donations are welcome. For more information on how you could help click here.

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