Community Water Resource Protection (Com. Water)

FfP Com. (Community) Water program consists of Restoring Wewa Systems and the building of Drinking Water Wells Program since 2005 sponsored by Wilde Ganzen , NCDO and Berkel and Rodenrijs NL

Forests for People Thanamalwila Sri Lanka.We wash in water, fish in water, swim in water, drink water and cook with water, although probably not all at the same time. Life as we know it could not have evolved without liquid water and dies without it. Droughts cause famines and floods cause death and disease. Because of its clear importance, water is the most studied material on Earth. People living in dry areas treasure it. In the dry zone of Sri Lanka rainwater is harvested in a unique way known locally as the Wewa systems.

Actually, only 1% of the world’s water is usable to us. About 97% is salty sea water, and 2% is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps. Thus that 1% of the world’s water supply is a precious commodity necessary for our survival. Dehydration (lack of water) will kill us faster than starvation (lack of food). Since the plants and animals we eat also depend on water, lack of it could cause both dehydration and starvation. The scenario gets worse. Water that looks drinkable can contain harmful elements, which could cause illness and death if ingested. Help build more wewa.  FfP – Google Maps! A study of Wews in the Tanamalwila area.

If you are a educational institute looking for a partner organisation to work with in the field of water management. We are capable of supporting a small group up to 6 individuals. Our expertise in the area of restoring wewas. The Sri Lankan system of water management now needs attention more then ever. Under the wewa system water is managed and is use to cultivate rice field.